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2019 OTC Workshop: Empowering Individuals, Sharing Insights

2019 Oil & Gas Global Market Insight and Strategy Workshop

Empowering business leaders and sharing key industry insights in preparation for the annual OTC event

On May 8th, 2019, Z LAB co-hosted the inaugural 2019 Oil & Gas Global Market Insight and Strategy Workshop. Held in the executive hall of the Blue Onyx Bistro, the three-hour dynamic workshop provided global business leaders in the oil and gas industry with tools to maximize time spent and gain the most value from the 2019 Houston Offshore Technology Conference. The first half of the event included talks and discussion from well-renowned keynote speakers. The second half of the event allowed for intimate small group break-out sessions where guests could ask expert coaches for advice specific to their line of business.

2019 Oil & Gas Global Market Insight and Strategy Workshop

On May 8th 2019, we hosted the first Oil & Gas Global Insight and Strategy Workshop. We are very thankful for everyone who came to the event. It was a great success! Look out for our upcoming Personal Branding Event on Thursday, June 27th.

Posted by Z LAB on Friday, June 14, 2019

Highlights: Diversity in Expertise & Learning Moments 

Our workshop is not your conventional networking platform

Attendees from all over the world partook in this informative workshop. We were honored to have attendees from China, Indonesia, West Africa, Mexico, Philippines, Belgium, and Argentina. Endowed with diverse backgrounds, the industry experts and participants involved created an incredibly rich and informative experience. Coaches expressed how impressed they were with the variety of guest expertise and that they symbiotically learned from the attendees they were coaching. Charles Knobloch, the past OTC Program Chair and one of our featured coaches at the workshop, had this to say about the event’s diversity:

“I was amazed at the diversity of experience and the diversity of levels of people in their different organizations. It’s a mixture of commerce along with major leaders in industry. . It’s a mixture of commerce along with major leaders in industry. What’s really interesting about this is that everybody is taking away something whether you are a mentor for one of these programs or someone wanting to ask questions at one of these programs. You learn a lot.”

Charles Knobloch, Past OTC Chair

Many of the guests felt like this was not a traditional networking event because of how interactive and hands-on the event was. One of our attendees, Ming Lee, President of Geotegrity mentioned this about the event:

“this is definitely not your regular networking event. It was really hands on. Questions got answered. Everyone feels like they learned something.”

Ming Lee, President of Geotegrity


This event marked a premier milestone for Z LAB as this was our first time co-hosting the  Oil and Gas Global Market Insight and Strategy Workshop. Within the span of two intense weeks, our team was able to create and host this event. Furthermore, not only did we receive incredibly positive feedback from our participants, we actually exceeded our participant limit for the event. This event was not only a major success for Z LAB, but it also proved our capabilities to connect and to work with international business leaders from vastly diverse backgrounds with highly acclaimed thought leaders in local industries. Ultimately, we were able to achieve our mission which was to empower our participants with the expertise to maximize their ROI at the annual OTC event, as well as further connect thought leaders, industry experts, and global business leaders together. We would not have been able to launch this event without the help of our existing connections with senior advisers in the oil and gas industry. In addition, we appreciated immensely the high level of support from our partners. We look forward to hosting more successful events like the Oil & Gas Global Market Insight and Strategy workshop to promote expertise and connections for leaders and innovators alike.

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