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Healthcare and BioTech

Headquartered in Houston, the forefront of advancing life sciences and home to the largest medical center, we proudly work alongside disruptive medical innovation and deliver strategies that prioritize return on investment and helping patients. Through research and analytics, we help innovators understand their demographics, the market’s needs and the best ways to bring technologies to market and sustain growth.


Volatile oil prices, climate change, government regulations and intense competition are challenging today’s energy and natural resource companies. In dealing with increasing complexity on our environment and the perceptions of stakeholders, companies walk the fine line between capitalization and brand integrity. Our energy experts bring insights and experience from the oil and gas, utilities and renewables, chemicals, and mining sectors to deliver operational excellence and fuel strategic growth.


FinTech or financial technology refers to the new solutions which demonstrate innovation in the development of applications, processes, products or business models in the financial services industry using technology. With sometimes misunderstood and often ground-breaking technology, it is critical that the highly innovative, pioneering, and disruptive tech in finance be customer-focused. Understanding the market is the first key step here.

Wellness & Fitness

The wellness and fitness industry continually walks the fine line between tried and true, and truly innovative. This fast-changing industry requires those involved to be quick thinkers and adaptable. We closely follow fitness trends and help companies and industry players establish their brands and reach target audiences. In this content-driven industry, we help businesses and individuals to act upon these trends and take advantage of this fast-paced market.

Arts & Humanities

Arts and humanities are shaping our culture, and cultures all over the world. As technology and digital advances fundamentally change the way we consume information, it’s critical to stay on top of marketing strategy to remain connected with your audience. At Z LAB, we help you bring your art to your audience, and build strategy based on our extensive cross-cultural expertise across industries.


We are passionate about social responsibility and believe in doing good above all else. In an area where resources are often limited, costs and budgets are crucial and sometimes require some creative problem-solving. In addition to our own community initiatives, we work with prominent and new nonprofits in order to help them achieve their mission, communicate with their community and enhance the impact they set out to make, with strategic marketing planning.

Five Distinctive Traits for Your Personal Brand

Five Distinctive Traits for Your Personal Brand

Let’s talk about personal branding in a more pure sense – not as a way of riding industry waves solely to achieve the status of “influencer.”  We…

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2019 OTC Workshop: Empowering Individuals,  Sharing Insights

2019 OTC Workshop: Empowering Individuals, Sharing Insights

2019 Oil & Gas Global Market Insight and Strategy Workshop Empowering business leaders and sharing key industry insights in preparation for the annual OTC event…

Z LAB Team June 26, 2019
Digital Analytics: Going Beyond the First Click

Digital Analytics: Going Beyond the First Click

Less than 30% of small businesses use website analytics, call tracking, or coupon codes. 18% of small businesses admit to not tracking anything.   What is Digital…

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