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May Newsletter

It’s not a reception. It’s not a lecture.

It’s a hands-on coaching session with close interactions with industry experts and international business leaders

Join us on Wednesday, May 8 from 4:30-7:30 pm.

We are excited to share with you the digital portfolio of selected creative work from our team. You can see how we’ve connected utility, art, brand story, and information in graphics, photos, and videos.

Let’s talk about how you can elevate your brand and take your graphics and storytelling content to the next level.

“How to Stand Out in the Largest Market in the World: Research, Strategy, and implementation of Marketing in China” by Dr. Sunny Zhang

Friday, May 17th, 2019 2019 US China Innovation and Investment Summit

2019 US China Innovation & Investment Summit

Use our coupon code: ZLAB-20 for a registration discount for 2019 US-China Innovation and Investment Summit on May 16-17, organized by our partner US-China Innovation Alliance (UCIA)

At our April HappyHour HappyTalk event, our advisor Kashif Kurshid discussed customer journey mapping, your marketing tech stack and how to set better marketing and analytics goals. You can check out the pics from that event here

“Working with Dr Z is like having an in-house marketing guru + researcher + strategist + branding + content + PR + … all in one package. We benefited tremendously from her holistic guidance as we grew rapidly in the past two years. She truly cares about our success and pours her heart into making our vision bigger and better all the time!”

Min Fan Former COO, US China Innovation Alliance

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