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We partnered with Innovaum to develop a robust marketing strategy for attracting potential partners, as well as a crowdfunding campaign to manifest existing product ideas. Working with the Z LAB team, the company equipped itself with marketing material to secure a deal in the Chinese market and streamline support through crowdfunding initiatives. The expedition resulted in a signed MOU in China and multiple crowdfunding goals attained. 


Innovaum transforms visions into realized products. Utilizing advanced prototype engineering and manufacturing, Innovaum makes the product development process easy, accessible, and affordable. The company believed its rapid prototyping and business resources could push the boundaries of manufacturing and marketing. Innovaum needed a solution evaluating and promoting their services. 

After earning top recognition for their pitch at the U.S China Innovation Investment Summit, Innovaum sought out Z LAB for marketing assistance. We partnered with them to address their situation and trace a future plan, namely in regards to expanding their presence overseas, their operational capacity, and product development. Z LAB took a deep dive on data within the entrepreneurship landscape to help Innovaum’s leadership better understand market trends and successful concepts. 

We tapped into Innovaum’s strengths and capabilities to enter the Chinese market. Targeting the company’s expansion, we provided them with customized China-ready services which included translated marketing materials in both Chinese and English. Additionally, Z LAB met with Innovaum for consistent consultation sessions centered on branding and forecasting consumer behavior towards specific products. We are currently helping Innovaum with kick-starter and market entry services. 

Z LAB also kicked off Innovaum’s crowdfunding efforts by formulating key questions that would be distributed to clients: What value does the product hold? Who are the primary competitors? What are the product’s hard costs and target MSRP? Will the campaign rest on equity or debt based funding? 

Under a well constructed delineated timeline to guide Innovaum through the product development, financial evaluation and content creation phase. Prior to launch, we developed referral strategies, social media campaigns and support channels that would assist in the process. Towards its conclusion,  Z LAB introduced methods of maintaining post investment relations and prepared the firm for e-commerce operations. 


Through Z LAB’s services, Innovaum received China-ready coaching and pitch deck translation, alongside animation, infographics and promotional content geared towards a Chinese audience. Z LAB topped these services with public relation augmentation in China, including news media and social media. Innovaum continues to use its newly acquired marketing strategy and promotional material in expanding client outreach.

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    September 1, 2018

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