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Pheramor is a Houston-based dating app revolutionizing how you match based on interests and genetic chemistry. Pheramor initially came to Z LAB for marketing support services, which included analytics and content consultation services. However, they soon realized that they needed additional services, and thus we began working on content and social media management for them.

Soon, the company took the next step towards national expansion, for which we conducted market research and presented a research report. Through our research, we determined their target market, target cities, and additional market research items. We were able to generate a 67% engagement rate on one of our social media ads, which measures 400 times the industry average. As a result, we spearheaded Pheramor’s expansion across 8 cities and eventually nationwide. During this expansion, we also lowered their cost of acquisition from $200.00 to $5.24.

Z Lab launched and fulfilled a campaign for Pheramor to receive 1,000 downloads in 30 days. The successful completion of this campaign, marketing and research support stemmed from the informed reports, data analytics, and data visualization that we provided.


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  • Date

    October 10, 2017

  • Skills

    JQuery, Sass

  • Client

    Colabrio Team

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