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World Free Trade Plaza

Projected to be in one of the largest commercial buildings in Laredo, the World Free Trade Plaza was once a vacant hospital building in need of re-branding in order to draw proper attention and establish itself as a viable investment opportunity. Z LAB stepped in and helped facilitate this large scale conversion.  

The process started when the development owners of the World Free Trade Plaza needed a branding strategy. After a period of vacancy, The Mercy Hospital building became the site of the upcoming World Free Trade Plaza development. This led to us re-branding the project into the Mercy Project and the subsequent Mercy Brochure, done in both English and Chinese, and the Mercy website. Z Lab outlined all the benefits and details of the building in relation to the reasons for why it would make a good investment.

As a result of our efforts, the owners were able to attract an investor who pledged a $50 million investment and requested additional research. We then conducted a feasibility analysis on the building and the trade situation in Laredo to the project investors. This led to them signing an MOU in Houston and an official partnership. Furthermore, we executed a separate investor report for the investor’s associates, which had several iterations. All documents created were in both English and Chinese.

These achievements culminated in a ceremonial signing of a joint development agreement in Laredo, where the owners and the investor officially agreed to develop the Mercy hospital building into a world free trade plaza. To highlight the event, we gathered public relations and media coverage in over 100 publications across the globe.

  • Date

    February 23, 2019

  • Client

    World Free Trade Plaza of America

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